Endocrine Consult

On the inpatient Endocrine Consult Service, fellows diagnose and manage common and rare endocrine diseases and supervise medical students and medical residents on the consult service. The diverse endocrine pathology encountered comes from the surrounding neighborhoods, tertiary care referrals, and varied interests of the faculty.

Diabetes Consult

On the inpatient Diabetes Consult Service, fellows assist teams with the management of inpatient diabetes including complicated steroid-induced diabetes and tube-feed associated hyperglycemia. Of note, fellows assist the medical teams, and a separate Diabetes Surgical Consult Service comprised of a physician’s assistant and attending sees consults called by surgical teams from Monday to Friday.

Endocrine Clinic

Fellows have a weekly outpatient Endocrine Clinic where they manage common and rare endocrine diseases in the outpatient setting.

Thyroid Clinic

Fellows have outpatient Thyroid Clinic every other week throughout fellowship where they manage outpatient thyroid disorders.    

Diabetes Clinic

Fellows have outpatient Diabetes Clinic at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center approximately every other week for 18 months where they work with an interdisciplinary team and learn to read downloads and manage insulin pumps.

Thyroid Biopsy Clinic

Fellows work directly with endocrine and surgery attendings to gain experience in thyroid ultrasound and fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules.  They will all become ECNU certified.